How to Unlock the Fullness of Life

There are sooo many ways to be happy and unlock the fullness in life and this varies from person to person. However, I do believe that sometimes, the keys to unlock this fullness are very small basic things. One of them being shared below.

How many times do you say thank you? I am guessing quite a bit, eh? But how many times do you say thank you out of habit or discipline rather than because you truly mean it? Aha!

Being thankful is one of the greatest things out there. BUT being present while being  thankful is a small action that has an enormous effect. It is a life changing lifestyle that opens up a path for the light within our souls to grow and glow. There are various approaches that people take to be thankful. One of them is comparison. For example, being thankful for a roof over your head because there are homeless people out there.

However, the state of thanks or gratitude that I want to talk about today is being grateful for what you have or what is around you in itself; without the comparison. For example being thankful for the food you have been blessed with and appreciating the meal. Period.

See, there is more to being grateful than giving thanks. We have to connect to it. We have to open up our hearts to it and be present in it. Gratitude is an awareness born from a deep appreciation and being present. Being in this state bring us to a deeper place in our hearts and protects us from feelings of entitlement, envy, and resentment, which would alienate people from us and rob us of joy in life (Thank you Oprah). By being present in gratitude, we awaken the bigness of even the smallest things in life and end up turning what we have into enough and much more. It is something that takes only a moment yet has the power to change our whole lives entirely. For example we can decide to whine about our jobs or be thankful because they enable us to pay for things we love. Gratitude changes our attitudes and we end up seeing amazing opportunities in our jobs that we have never noticed. That small decision of entitlement Vs being grateful has a huge impact as to what our days look like and what kind of person we become.

By being present in the moment and being grateful for the smallest things in life, we become aware of the fact that we have already been blessed with it all. Sadly sometimes, we are too busy wanting more to realize and appreciate that. We should thus remember that the things we have today are the things we prayed for yesterday.