The Birth… Boxes

Our dress codes, our hairstyles, our passions…

Our taste of music, our movie preferences, our desires…

Our fears, our beliefs, our religions…

These, among so many others, have created a caged environment where we judge ourselves and those around us based on what we see and hear.

Our insecurities, fears and spread stereotypes prevent us from getting to know people for who they are. They prevent us from loving other people because of what box we place them in when we first see them.

We hear but don’t listen. Watch but don’t see… all because we have expectations of who people should be and ignore who they are. We too act accordingly, sometimes pretending to be who we are not because it is what society has led us to believe.

We are afraid of being who we are.

We are individuals and yet one as a whole. We are not all the same. Just because one person loves one thing, does not mean that they cannot love the other as well.

Boxes…. We have placed ourselves in them.

Boxes… We have placed others in them.

Stereotypes have led us to create Invisible Walls, fearing to love and fearing to engage.

Our INDIVIDUALITY makes us Special, makes us who we are, makes us alike more than we can even imagine. Makes us ONE!

Treating people based on personal views is my passion and reason why I have decided to start this blog. To share my stories, experiences and lessons that I have learnt and I hope I get to learn even more through this interaction.

Till we meet again… Namaste… 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Birth… Boxes

  1. 😍❤️ its those boxes that have and are preventing us from seeing the real picture and the real world as it presents it’s self. We are so detached from reality and believe in our little fantasies as a result of the BOXEs. Good read T…. I like


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